Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26 - A New Start

It's Sunday, the end of my week. This morning Ben said, "oh mom, can you believe it's almost Monday again" and I answered, "yes, as sad as it is, it's Monday again". So I've had the day to contemplate this conversation. It is Monday again but does that mean it has to be like last Monday or does it mean this week will be like the last? Tomorrow could be the best day of the week but do we want it to be? Why can't we get excited about Monday's or Tuesday's or Wednesday's, why does it take until Thursday for us to get excited that it's finally the weekend?

Life is what you make of it. Last week was full of opportunities missed, wrong decisions, things we wanted to do but didn't have the time. It was full of illness, scary moments, disappointments and fear of a future unknown.

Tomorrow can be full of hope for a better future. Hope of good choices and opportunites to change the lives for the better of those around us. Tomorrow is a blessing in disguise, it's a bright new day filled with sunshine and family time. So what will tomorrow bring? Life is what I make of it. So I choose to make it better. I will explore something new, I will try to do something to help another, I will smile brighter and I will appreciate my current circumstances. I will give thanks for the life I have been blessed with and try a little bit harder to be thankful that it's Monday. A new start for me and my kids, a new day full of dreams and challenges. All else left behind, a bright future of happier times. A life of family and memories and peaceful feelings that make a new start possible.

Life can begin tomorrow. I can make Monday into a funday, it all starts with me!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

BTC in Arizona

Knutson Spring Break Fun.....
It's March....our family has been busy. Arizona is amazing in March. Everything is blooming, the sky is a beautiful blue, the sun shines every day and the temperature is in the high 70's. I could ask, what more could you ask time. We have taken a week to celebrate being off work and out of school.

Ben, my oldest just turned 13 on Thursday. He is an amazing young man. He loves being outside but I have to say, he doesn't love the heat. High 70's is about his limit, he already has the air conditioning going. Ben enjoys fast cars and his new Playstation 3.

Crystal is my youngest, age 8. She loves life. She is happy all the time and enjoys being outside as much as possible. She found 2 baby bunnies by our pool last week and fell in love with them. When they ran off with their mother, she was heart broken and still wishes she could have adopted them.

On Monday, to celebrate our freedom from work and school, we headed down to the Kirchner caverns, just South of Tucson. The caverns were discovered in 1974 and have been preserved so well that visitors like us can go down into the caverns and see a hidden world. It's dark but iluminated by small lights, 99% humidity and about 85 degrees, the path we traveled had a handrail to guide us and the cavern was very quiet and peaceful. There were no sounds, all was quiet. The guides lit up the crystal formations hanging from the walls. Some of these formations took thousands of years to grow to where they are today. Some were yellow from iron, some were dormant because their water source had dried up. The throne room was an awesome experience. We sat down in a theatre setting, to look over a grand room, as big as a football stadium. Music played as the lights moved from one formation to another. Crystal and Ben loved our experience and are looking forward to another trip to see the caverns, maybe to Colorado or Utah.

Our next trip will be to Zion National Park in June. We can't wait.